ESET tops the 2023 performance & malware protection tests for consumer products and receives Advanced+ awards

ESET stood out in the Malware Protection Test and the Performance Test conducted by one of the globe's leading independent security testing organizations

BRATISLAVA —June 2, 2023 — ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, is proud to announce that its advanced multilayered security product ESET Internet Security has received the prestigious Advanced+ awards in the recent Malware Protection Test and Performance Test conducted by AV-Comparatives. This recognition highlights ESET’s exceptional performance and its commitment to safeguarding users against malware threats.

The Malware Protection Test evaluated a range of products from 16 vendors, including ESET Internet Security, through the execution of malicious files on the system. The test encompassed vectors such as network drives, USBs, and scenarios where malware existed on the disk. The comprehensive test set comprised 10,015 recent and prevalent malware samples, representing the real-world threats faced by users. ESET Internet Security achieved an outstanding 99.9% malware protection rate. Furthermore, the test report also included a false alarm test, which evaluated the quality of file detection capabilities of antivirus products. Notably, ESET Internet Security exhibited flawless performance with zero false alarms, reinforcing its reliability and demonstrating its ability to detect legitimate files and potential malware threats effectively.

In the latest Performance Test, both “Antivirus” and “Internet Security” consumer products underwent testing – both referred to as security products. The results demonstrate the impact on system performance that a security product has when compared to other tested security products from 16 vendors. The Performance Test comprises several assessments, and the results from these tests collaboratively shape the overall Impact Score. To test the product’s efficiency in using minimal resources, the performance impact across various routine operations, such as file copying, archiving, installing, launching applications, downloading files, and browsing websites, was assessed. The products were classified as Slow, Mediocre, Fast, and Very Fast based on the median results. In addition, the test also ran under the industry-recognized PC Mark benchmark, where the test machine, without any security software, was assigned a PC Mark score of 100 points. Particularly in the PC Mark assessment, ESET Internet Security claimed the top position with 98.4 points, highlighting the efficacy and overall performance of the solution in real-world use. 

ESET Internet Security excelled in this rigorous assessment in both the Malware Protection and the Performance Tests. This remarkable score positioned ESET Internet Security among the top of all 16 vendors’ products. It showcased its commitment to delivering robust digital security solutions while fostering trust among consumers guided by AV-Comparatives’ test results. 

“We have a deep commitment at ESET to continuously monitor the evolving security landscape and provide advanced solutions. ESET Internet Security, our best mobile multilayered protection against all types of malware threats, helps our modern users concerned about their privacy, who actively use the internet for shopping, banking, work, and communication. Thus, we are thrilled to receive the Advanced+ awards in the Malware Protection Test and the Performance Test by AV-Comparatives, one of the globe’s leading independent security testing organizations,” said Mária Trnková, Vice President of the Consumer and IoT Segment at ESET. “This achievement is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in protecting our users with admirable solutions based on the continuous development of our core ESET technologies. We remain committed to delivering security solutions that provide the highest level of protection without compromising on usability.”

ESET Internet Security

ESET Internet Security represents a new approach to truly integrated computer security. The most recent version of the ESET LiveGrid® scanning engine, combined with our custom Firewall and Antispam modules, utilizes speed and precision to keep your computer safe. The result is an intelligent system that is constantly on alert for attacks and malicious software that might harm your computer.

ESET Internet Security is a complete security solution that combines maximum protection and a minimal system footprint. Our advanced technologies use artificial intelligence to prevent infiltration by viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, adware, rootkits, and other threats without hindering system performance or disrupting your computer.