It’s a five out of five for ESET Endpoint Security

As threats continually evolve, so too must security.  Today, businesses need solutions that can stand up to the targeted and complex methods hackers deploy, if they are to prevent the very real prospect of falling victim to a data breach.

Yet while many IT security companies claim they can deal with the changing threat landscape, few have consistently been developing proactive, multi-layered technologies over the past quarter century.

At ESET, however, we combine automation and human knowledge, based on more than 25 years of threat research experience, to consistently prevent malware-based incidents across multiple endpoint platforms. Our proactive and intelligent multi-layered technology offers businesses, of all sizes, a peace of mind – reassuring them that malware attacks are detected and prevented at a time when attacks are imminent.

Five star rating

Industry experts have now also recognised ESET as a top class security solution provider, with ESET Endpoint Security recently earning five out of five stars in every category following a review by SC Magazine.

Assessing everything from the product’s features, performance, and documentation to its value for money and ease of use, SC Magazine praised ESET Endpoint Security’s accurate detection, speed and comprehensive management tools.

Ticking all the boxes

For any business, but particularly SMBs, security has to cause minimum disruption to operations and it has to be easy to deploy and use. With ESET Endpoint Security, the reviewers said, “The admin menus are the most comprehensive we’ve seen. There is not a single aspect of user, machine, policy or other management that we found missing. You can do everything – from configuration to deployment and user management – right from a single set of menus.”

What’s more, everything the reviewers at SC Magazine threw at the solution allowed ESET Endpoint Security to demonstrate its resilience and complexity. For example, all attempts to copy a file infected with Locky ransomware were identified, and ESET stopped the malware before the testers had even completed the paste process.

As such, SC Magazine remarked on ESET Endpoint Security solution as “next generation, depending on machine learning augmented by human analysts to cover events in endpoints that are beyond the system to identify positively.”

“For industry experts to award ESET Endpoint Security five out of five is testament to the quality products we offer businesses who need to stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals” said, Michal Jankech, Business Security Product Manager. “We pride ourselves on delivering integrated, complete solutions that provide the most comprehensive set of predict, prevent, detect and respond capabilities – supporting the complete endpoint security landscape that companies now, and in the future will, have to support.”

To read the full review in SC Magazine, please click here.